Sweet Like Candy

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Sweet Like Candy is an image that formed in my mind when a friend of mine made a comment about my afro puff whilst we were at work. He said My hair reminded him of "chocolate cotton candy" and its a phrase that stuck with me for years so when I stumbled upon the source image for this piece I knew it would be perfect to adapt to my vision.

To me this piece represents the striking nature of a natural black woman, it embodies 'sugar spice and everything nice'. Black women are often portrayed as loud and obnoxious but I wanted to show a serene female minding her business and looking towards her future, looking amazing while doing it.

I started this image towards the end of my last 1st year uni project (I study Interior Architecture and Design for those who want to know) as a way to de-stress but at the time I hadn't drawn in about a month and when I began to draw the image wasn't translating to the page the way it was in my head.

In frustration I stopped drawing and opened Instagram where I was bombarded with so many different illustrations by a variety of talented artist but one specific image stood out to me because another digital artist with a similar method to me had posted a 'how to' which was exactly what I needed.

So I went back to the drawing board, scrapped the first few sketches I previously did and started again. This time I was able to really get into the drawing process and it was as therapeutic as I had hoped!

My uni deadline was fast approaching however so I had to stop procrastinating and get back to designing. After about a week and a half I had finished and submitted my coursework, I was finally free for the summer, so in celebration I finished off this piece and uploaded it. Like 'Candy' I too am minding my business and looking towards my future.

The reception this piece has gotten on Instagram was so positive and its what actually spurred me on to finally creating this website. So once again I thank you for the support and taking the time to actually read this long explanation.

 Let me know how this piece makes you feel in the comments bellow x

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